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William Andrews, PhD

History of Telomere Biology from a Front Row Seat

  • A review of the milestones of Telomere Biology over the past 30 years.
  • It’s seminal role in Degenerative Diseases; Cardiovascular, Cancer and Aging.
  • Why lengthening telomeres could be the cure of aging.

Gordan Lauc, PhD

The newest biomarker of aging: Breaking Down the GlycanAge Test in Detail

  • Understand glycobiology and IgG glycans.
  • What is inflammaging and how to approach it.
  • How glycans are associated with aging.

William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF): Its effect on multiple medical conditions and how it affects cellular health and aging

  • Understand the physiology of PEMF in regenerative medicine.
  • Effect of PEMF on stem cells and telomerase activity.
  • Practical recommendations on PEMF use in clinical practice.

Chris Shade

Detoxification: its role in improved cellular signaling and telomere length maintenance

  • How does detoxification impact telomeres?
  • Telomere attrition causes mitochondrial dysfunction leading to senescence
  • What would the perfect detox program for protection and repair look like?

Robby Besner, PSc.D

Harnessing the Sun's Infrared Energy for Natural Anti-Aging and Life Extension

  • The basics of photobiomodulation (PBM) in medicine.
  • Effect of PBM on cellular metabolism.
  • Practical implementation of PBM in longevity medicine.


Mark C. Houston, MD, MS, FACP, ABAARM

Turning the Paradigm of Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disorders upside down. "Does the chicken come before the egg?"

  • Physiology of Hypertension
  • Life style treatment
  • Nutritional therapy 
  • Supplement therapy
  • Drug therapy

Ron Rothenberg, M.D.

Telomeres & Telomerase Activation; Connecting the Dots

  • Learn the effects of telomerase on mitochondira.
  • Connect the lifestyle dots to longer telomeres.
  • Non-canonical activities of telomerase.

Dayan Goodenowe, PhD

What are Plasmalogens? Critical cell membrane components in Alzheimers and Cardiovascular disorders

  • What have you noted in your practice in optimizing telomere length?
  • Do you see any relationship between genetics and telomeres?
  • What are the benefits you have seen with telomere optimization and the immune system?

Kent Holtorf, M.D.

An optimal anti-aging protocol with the combination of TA65 and Peptides

  • To understand the synergy between immune-modulatory therapies, including peptides, and TA-65 for optimal results.
  • How chronic illness, environmental factors, stress, and inflammaging contribute to telomere shortening.
  • What peptides can counteract and reverse the negative effects that aging, stress, illness, and chronic illness have on telomere shortening.

Marcela Young, M.D.

Telomere length as one of the most critical elements in cellular health: 7 years of a clinician's experience

  • Lifespan versus Healthspan.
  • Proactive versus reactive medicine.
  • Precision medicine/genetics.


Tom Dow, M.D.

The role of Telomeres in the treatment and detection of early AMD (Age related Macular Degeneration) and Alzheimers Disease

  • Rationale of a trial testing TA-65 in AMD.
  • Relative void in treating options for early AMD.
  • Results of our pilot study of TA-65 in early AMD.

Gordon Crozier, DO

Telomere Biology and it's application to Environmental Toxins and Chronic Inflammatory Disorders

Dr. Crozier shares his  experience, knowledge, and expertise on providing patients novel and effective treatments

Kien Vuu, M.D.

Maximizing Your Thrive State: The seven lifestyle pillars to maximize your bio-energetic state

  • Ancestral Wisdom/Lifestyle basics are the foundations of health.
  • The BioEnergetic Model of Health/Disease explains how our lifestyle choices and epigenome determines the fate of our cellular health, performance, and telomere length/longevity.
  • 7 lifestyle pillars to achieve Thrive State & telomere health are sleep, nutrition, movement, stress/emotional mastery, thoughts/mindset,relationships, and purpose.
  • Advanced anti-aging technologies which I use in my clinic (exosomes, nad ivs, hormone optimization) are just band-aids without first optimizing our bioenergetic state.

Ryan Smith

Evolution of DNA Methylation: What every clinician ordering DNA methylation clocks needs to know.

  • Epigenetic Aging Algorithms generally.
  • Telomere epigenetic age estimation algorithms.
  • Immune Deconvolution algorithms.
  • DunedinPoAm Rate of aging.

Amy Killen, M.D.

Regenerative Medicine 2021: Application in skin, hair and sexual rejuvention

  • Regenerative injections (stem cells, EV, etc) for skin, hair and sex.
  • Complimentary therapies of  “skin and sex” such as shockwave therapy, light, heat, creating micro-trauma, supplements, lifestyle, etc.
  • VSELs – what they are, why they might be important.


Gowri Reddy Rocco, M.D.

Incorporating TA-65 into Your Practice

  • How to fight pre-mature aging.
  • Introducing TA-65 into your protocol.
  • Dosing recommendations.

Joseph Cleaver, M.D.

Cellular Senescence, Telomeres and Senolytic Therapies

  • Telomeres and their role in cell senescence.
  • Telomerase activator and its role as a senolytic.
  • Telomerase activator and mitochondrial DNA function.

Kara Fitzgerald, ND

How diet and lifestyle changes affect DNA methylation, gene expression and ultimately biological aging and longevity

  • The basics of epigenetics and DNA methylation.
  • Biological aging, healthspan, lifespan and longevity: why are these all so important?
  • How do we measure BioAge? (as compared to chronological aging?)
  • What we learned from our study findings about reversing it.

Tom Berenguer, M.D.

A clinician perspective: It's never too late to benefit from telomerase activation therapy

  • Subjective benefits of TA-65 use.
  • Objective benefits of TA-65 use.
  • Importance of measuring progress with TA-65 use.
  • It’s never too late to benefit from TA-65 use.


Bill Andrews, PhD

Dr. Andrew's perspective on the current theories of aging in the context of telomere biology

  • The Hallmarks of Aging in perspective.
  • The role of biomarkers of aging in longevity research.
  • Bill’s perspective on the future of gene therapy for aging.

Ed Lee, M.D.

The role of senolytics in longevity medicine and preliminary results of a trial of dasatinib/quercetin and its affect on DNA methylation

  • Supplements that show senolytic activity in animals and humans.
  • Preliminary results of a pilot trial of dasatinib/quercetin on DNA methylation patterns.
  • Epitalon for aging and telomere attrition.

James B. LaValle, R.Ph., C.C.N. M.T. DHM, DHPh. N.D.

Mitochondrial Health, "Metaflammation" and it's impact on aging

  • Whole body metabolism dictates metaflammation and inflammaging.
  • Key countermeasures to accelerated aging is looking at a systems biology model and targeting what metabolic roadblocks are specific to the individual.
  • The novel aspects of diet, how strict, the gut and exercise and how much is actually good for your aging clock.

Steven Gabriel, M.D.

A clinicians approach in treating the aging process. The 7 pillars of Health

  • What is the goal of focusing on telomeres, and anti-aging?
  • Why are telomeres probably the most important aspect to focus on in terms of overall health and aging?
  • What can we do to both slow shortening of telomeres, and potentially increase length?

Dr. Kelly Halderman

The use of diet, fasting, and supplements in turning on autophagy and mTOR

  • What is autophagy?
  • How is it relevant to anti-aging strategies.
  • What is mTOR pathway?


Paul Barattiero

Hydrogen water and the clinical science supporting its therapeutic effects on aging and multiple medical conditions

  • The physiology of dissolved hydrogen gas in water.
  • The remarkable effects of hydrogen water in multiple clinical condtions.
  • The effect of hydrogen water on telomerase activity/telomere length.

Jason Sonners, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN, CCWP

The role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in regenerative medicine

  • Review of the physiology behind the therapeutic effect of HBOT.
  • Describe some protocols for HBOT in regenerative medicine.
  • How HBOT can reduce senescent cell burden, lengthen telomeres, and improve cognitive function.

Angie Ates

How to incorporate the S.A.N.E approach to longevity medicine into your integrative practice

  • 4 Pillars for effective treatment success,
  • Redefining stress and the mind-body relationship.
  • Using indigenous tools for authentic result.

Kashif Khan

Whats the difference between genetics and actiionable genomics?

  • How can you extend longevity through decoding your genome.
  • Case studies of managing your genetic expression through environment, nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Six areas of genetic variations and how to understand their interaction.

Mark Rosenberg, M.D.

A Paradigm Shift in Cancer Therapy: Focus on metastisis not just the primary tumor

  • How does it impede autography in the body.
  • Clinical strategies to optimize both biological pathways.
  • “Circulating tumor cells (CTC) are key for survival.
  • CTCs can be detected even with early stage tumors.
  • Clusters of CTCs are the most important to target”.


Sanjeev Goel, M.D.

Telomeres in a peak performance practice: Practical questions answered on measurment and dosing.

  • The role of Telomeres as a biomarker of aging.
  • What it our understanding between the relationship between cell senescence and aging.
  • What are the current unanswered questioned in Telomere science

Matt Cook, M.D.

The application of telomere biology in a regenerative and chronic disease practice.

  • Peptides for mitigating oxidative stress.
  • Epitalon to treat telomere attrition.
  • Chronic infections with Lyme/mycotoxins and inflammation

Jeffery R. Bray, MBA, MAED, SHRM-SCP

Will your access to compounded medications become limited: The "Memorandum of Understanding" and its status on Capitol Hill

  • A brief history of pharmacy compounding in the US
    Changes in regulatory status in the past few years.
  • A look into the future of compounding and how to keep your access to it.

Andrew Heyman, M.D.

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS): A New Molecular Paradigm For Understanding And Treating Patients With Chronic Fatigue And Biotoxin Exposures.​

  • A look into the future of compounding and how to keep your access to it.
  • Biotoxin exposures accelerate aging in vulnerable populations.
  • Transcriptomics for measuring and monitoring CIRS.
  • Post COVID syndrome as a form of CIRS in the long hauler population.

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